About the inventory (shared) between the actual store and the online store

About the inventory (shared) between the actual store and the online store

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実店舗在庫とオンラインショップの在庫は【共有】しています。 1店舗ですので。

サイズ毎に残りの在庫数(LAST 2、LAST 1等)を記載しており、完売サイズ、はSOLD OUTと書いてます。ですのでSOLD OUTの商品、完売サイズを実店舗に在庫がありますか?と聞かれてもありません。在庫隠してません。表現の通り、あと2枚かあと1枚か完売かです。


自分でもよく通販を利用しますし、オンラインショップもめちゃ見ますが、もし【自分が使うなら】を考えて試行錯誤しながらやっているつもりです。【サイズ、寸法、実寸】に関しても自分達が全て実物を採寸しています。 1店舗ならではの表現というか、自分で言うのもあれですが、めちゃシンプルで分かり易くないですか?笑 楽しく、買物してもらえたら最高に嬉しいです。


We are listed here again because we receive many inquiries and are asked about it in the store.

The actual store inventory and the online store inventory are [shared]. Because it is one store.

The number of remaining stock (LAST 2, LAST 1, etc.) is listed for each size, and sold-out sizes are marked as SOLD OUT. Therefore, we do not have any SOLD OUT items or sold-out sizes in stock at the actual store. We don't hide our stock. As the expression goes, there are either two more or one more or sold out.

The actual store operates from 12:00 to 18:00 without regular holidays, and depending on the timing of the reflection of inventory, there is a possibility of a sale difference. We try to work as fast as possible, but there are times when we are really, really sorry.

I often use mail order myself, and I also look at other online stores a lot, but I think I do it through trial and error, thinking [if I were to use it myself]. We take the actual measurements of all items ourselves. It's a very simple and easy to understand expression that only one store can make, if I may say so myself.We would be most happy if you enjoy shopping.

As usual, I have written at length, but I would like to thank you in advance.

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