Refund policy

ご注文確定後のキャンセルはできません。よくご確認頂いた上でお買い求め下さい。 商品がお手元に届きましたら、「商品に不良箇所がないか」、「ご注文商品と相違がないか」を必ずご確認ください。商品に不良(破損・汚損・故障など)があった場合はなるべく早く、1週間以内にお知らせください。 1週間を超えてのご連絡の場合、原則として交換に応じられません。ご了承ください。なお、お客様のご都合による返品、キャンセルには一切応じられませんのでご了承ください。 「サイズが合わない」「思っていた色と違う」といった返品のご要望にも、オンライン販売の特性上お応えできかねますので、ご了承ください。

返品送料お届け時に商品に不良(破損・汚損・故障など)があった場合、 送料当社負担にて良品と交換させていただきます。当社負担(着払い)にて商品をお戻しいただき、当社負担(元払い)にて良品と交換させていただきます。


Orders cannot be cancelled after confirmation. Please check your order carefully before purchase. When you receive your order, please make sure to check that there are no defects in the product and that there are no differences from your order. If the product is defective (damaged, stained, malfunctioned, etc.), please notify us as soon as possible within one week. If you notify us after one week, we will not be able to exchange the product as a general rule. We appreciate your understanding. Please note that we cannot accept returns or cancellations for any reason. Please note that due to the nature of online sales, we are unable to accept requests for returns such as "the size does not fit" or "the color is not what I expected".

If the product is defective (damaged, stained, broken, etc.) at the time of delivery, we will exchange it for a good one at our expense. Please return the item(s) at our expense (cash on delivery) and we will exchange it for a good one at our expense (prepaid).

All of our products have passed the quality standards of the manufacturer and the inspection standards of the authorized distributor in Japan. Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges on the understanding that minor scratches, grazes, dents, black spots, etc. that occur unavoidably during production are also considered good quality items.